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28 June 2017

BMTA Annual General Meeting and Seminar on ISO 17025

In June BMTA will hold its Annual General Meeting, hosted by Trescal Ltd. As part of the day we will be running a seminar on the upcoming changes to ISO 17025.

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6 July 2017

Royal Microscopical Society Seminar and Exhibiton

We will be hosting a seminar at mmc2017 on Industrial Optical Inspection. Speakers will look at the use of microscopy and optical inspection methods and their applications in industry

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12 July 2017

Introduction to Forensic Accreditation

BMTA in partnership with UKAS will be hosting a forum to hear from Forensic laboratories about what they feel are the barriers to UKAS accreditation

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Autumn 2017

Asbestos Seminar, North East

BMTA and SGS will be hosting their annual event on issues facing the asbestos industry. This seminar will be designed to bring asbestos practitioners up to date with wide ranging topics.

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Review of BMTA Asbestos event

Graham Warren of ACAD has written an informative review of the BMTA Asbestos Cycle event that took place on 7th December 2016

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Position Paper on Future of Notified Bodies

On 30 March, BMTA organised a discussion meeting on the possible effects of Brexit on Notified Bodies in the UK.  Based on the presentations given on the day and the detailed discussions which followed these presentations, the event Chairman, Dr Jeff Llewellyn, prepared a draft BMTA Position Paper.

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Curiosity drills into the watery origins of Mars

Minerals found in Mars rocks strengthen case for past life-friendly conditions

The Martian rock samples dug up by NASA's Curiosity robotic rover show that there is a wide diversity of minerals, allowing scientists to piece together the planet's past.

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Digital forensic standards revamp on track despite industry cost fears

Forensic Science Regulator says survey concerns of practitioners have been considered as part of wider work on developing new best practice to prevent avoidable quality failures.

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ILAC MRA Annual report published

ILAC and its accreditation body members, such as UKAS, invest significant effort and resource to maintain the integrity and consistency of the global multi-recognition arrangement through a peer evaluation process.

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Venturi meter research highlights challenges and opportunities for industry

Ongoing research into the performance of Venturi tubes has found that installation effects can cause significant errors and that current standards for the measurement of gas flows using such devices need to be reviewed and updated.

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