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10 December 2018 - Radisson Blu Hotel, Frankland Lane, Durham DH1 5TA
Managing Abestos In-situ 2018

Asbestos Removal compressed

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New sentencing guidelines, Duty to Manage, New Analyst Guides and even Grenfell, increasingly require Building Owners, Contractors and Advisers to continually look at how they work together to manage risk.  


This one day conference brings together experts across a wide spectrum of disciplines to consider how best to address this issue. 


Understanding New Sentencing Guidelines and the importance of establishing the level risk of asbestos disease arising from asbestos incidents.
( Dr Martin Gibson - HSE )

Asbestos Surveys - do you know what you're buying? 
Ordering an asbestos survey is a lot more complicated than it seems. Ensuring the report matches your expectations and needs while limiting intrusions and damage to where you really need them is a fine art. Paul King discusses Contract Review, intrusions, damaged making good and the sources of customer complaints and how they can be avoided by all parties.
( Paul King – SGS Environmental )

Managing asbestos and other hazards during the Pre-Construction Phase – Client Responsibilities, the Designers Role and Information Flows.
( James Richie – RIBA CDM Adviser )

Current Exposures and Work Practices in the Licensed Asbestos Removal Industry - an Update on HSE Research.
( Daniel Barrowcliffe - HSE ) 

The Asbestos industry is doomed, unless …
The asbestos industry has been hell-bent on being cheap for a number of years now. Too many companies going in cheap “just to keep people busy”. This, of course, is a terrible business model and does the industry and the client a disservice.
( Gary McKendrick - Omega Asbestos Consulting )

Recent changes to standards, forms and feedback that impact testing laboratories.
( Frank Smith - UKAS)

A Breath of Fresh Air, Managing risk through innovations in enclosure monitoring and management systems.
( Ray Gravener – Federation of Decontamination Equipment Manufacturers )
Understanding the impact of your decisions on asbestos abatement projects.
(Darren Payne - Rhodar Ltd)


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